Finding Peace

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Finding Peace

Finding Peace when our connections, the ties that bond us to one another are severed.


By Kelly Barrow

There are many ways to deal with sorrow and grief. One thing I can say for sure is that regardless of your loss, you are the only one who truly knows how deep your pain goes. Show yourself compassion and love as you struggle on and bear each day to come. I’ve endured many losses. I have lost a leg, both of my parents, my brother, and a son that passed after only 3 days of life. I am also separated from most of my family.
I am an expert on suffering which is a close cousin of loss. I deal with more physical pain on a day to day basis than most people will ever experience in a life time. I have been operated on 42 times. I have known physical addiction resulting from pain management.
There are no simple easy solutions. Healing takes time, love, compassion and patience. Reach deep inside and love yourself as much as you love the person that you ache for. They would not want you to suffer.
Find the courage to summon all your inner strength. You are stronger than you realize and loved more than you may feel. You must hold on to every day because a day will come when you will hurt less than today. The hole in your heart will heal and you will feel whole again.

There are times that you will struggle with the indignities of life, do not give up on your tomorrows. I promise you will find peace and happiness again. Cherish your life.
One thing that helps when I miss my loved ones is to visit the cemetery. There are many beautiful statues to see. There are inviting benches. There are trees and greenery to help you feel at peace. The grounds are well kept.
Visiting the cemetery provides the opportunity to see that you are not alone. Sometimes you meet interesting people enduring the same pain you suffer. Beautiful flowers are left and a candle is sometimes burning.
From the many headstones, you become acquainted with a person. There are some photographs of headstone on this website that tell you who the person was and often many details about them are provided.
Death is a part of life. I have included poems that help me with grief along with scriptures from different versions of the bible. I have done my best not offend anyone with biblical references that vary in interpretation or religious beliefs. My love and prayers are with you. Love yourself and you will heal. 

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